Artist / Designer / Art Director

Stephen Kim

Stephen Kim is a graphic artist.
Kim uses self-portraits and 3D graphic tools for his digital collages and media works.
He mainly converts heads into different objects to express abstract emotions.
Kim conveys emotion in his work through a nihilistic approach refusing to instil an intrinsic meaning to his art.
Rather it is to be understood through each and every observer's underlying subconscious values.
This is how Kim's work can invoke different interpretations from the audience through their own emotions and surroundings of the moment.

Group Exhibition
The artist's party Vol.1’, Jazzy MAS, Seoul, South Korea, 2013
'Freaky Summer', Jaemi gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 2013
'Dream art with K-star', Insa-dong GANA Insa art center, Seoul, South Korea, 2014